• 01.06.2015

    In Astana premiered film “Amanat”

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    On the 31st May, at the day of remembrance of victims of political repressions, there was a premier of the historical film “Аманат” in one of the theaters of Astana “Kinopark 7 (Keruen) IMAX 3D”. This film is dedicated to the fate of the first historian of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, a prominent scholar and the patriot of his country Ermukhan Bekmakhanov, who was given/awarded a title of Doctor of Historical Sciences for his work “Kazkahstan in 1920-1940 of 19th century.

    Conspicuous statesmen, prominent public and cultural figures/persons of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as friends and family of Ermukhan Bekmakhanov and the crew of film were participated in the ceremonial screening of one of the anticipated projects of “Kazakhfilm” studio named after Shaken Aimanov.

    The film director and scriptwriter is Honored Person of Kazakhstan, laureate of state prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of “Platinovyj Tarlan” independent awards Satybaldy Narymbetov («Дон Кихот моего детства» (1978), «Жизнеописание юного аккардеониста» (1994), «Молитва Лейлы» (2002), «Мустафа Шокай» (2008).

    The film is set in the several periods: in the middle of 19th century in the days of Kenesary’s reign, in the middle of 20th century and in the end of 1960s. At the heart of it all there is a story about the fate of a former political prisoner historian Ermukhan Bekmakhanov. He was convicted/sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment for his works about Kenesary Kasymov’s liberation movement/insurgency. Despite of different periods of actions of film characters there are common basis and throughline – concernment in the fate of Kazakh people, need for freedom and independence.

    Hard luck of Ermukhan Bekmakhanov is a perfect example of deep and sincere patriotism, the backbone. We must know our history and historical persons. You can’t build the future without understanding/knowing the past, - said the film director Satybaldy Narymbetov.
    The film was shot in Almaty and Almaty region. The creators had to evoke the way of life and atmosphere of that period: consultation with witnesses, creation of settings. Art director of film is Mukhtar Mirzakeyev.

    Composer is Honored Person of Kazakhstan Aktoty Raimkulova. “NOMAD Stunts” under the leadership of Zhaydarbek Kunguzhinov worked on this film. Special film editor from France is Herve Schneid.

    Main cast of the film is the young stars local filmmaking: Berik Ajtzhanov (Ermukhan Bekmakhanov), Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova (Khalima), Sanzhar Madiev (Kenesary), Aziz Bejshenaliev (Buchin). Supporting actors are Kuralaj Anarbekova, Azat Nurtaev, Gaukhar Zhusupova, Azhar Ibraeva, Erden Telemisov, Artem Mitnev, Dmitrij Skirta, Shynar Zhanysbekova, etc.

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