• 20.12.2018

    “The Way of the Leader: Astana” film premiered in Almaty

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    In Almaty the premiere screening of a feature film “The Way of the Leader: Astana” took place. The feature is made by “Kazakhfilm” studio with participation of “Sataifilm” company as per request of Ministry of Culture and Sports of RoK. Directed by Akan Satayev.

    The premiere screening event involved film’s cast and crew.

    -It was a big honor for me and my team to work at such a large scale project. Our film is meant to be seen by the vast viewing audience. I think it’s gonna be interesting for both older and younger people. We put every effort to make it honest and thrilling. This is a historical picture and all of those characters we’ve shown are living witnesses and participants of those groundbreaking events, - said director Akan Satayev.

    “The Way of the Leader: Astana” is the 6th film of the “The Way of the Leader” franchise. Previous issued of which are “The Skies if My Childhood”, “Flaming River”, “The Iron Mountain”, “Breaking the Vicious Circle” and “The Way the Stars Aligned” which were a proven domestic success.
    “The Way of the Leader: Astana” is based on true events and tell the story of founding the new Kazakh capital, Astana city. Action takes place in July of 1994, hard times of economic crisis and political turbulence. President Nazarbayev’s suggestion to move country’s capital from Almaty to Astana comes as a surprise to many. Despite all the risk and objection and lack of finance the move began. June 10 of 1998 faced an international premiere of a new capital – city of Astana.

    The script was penned by Astana city’s first mayor Adilbek Jaksybekov, with Satayev’s frequent collaborator Timur Zhaksylykov. The principal photography started out last December  in Almaty and was later continued in Astana. One of principal filming locations was the building of the Library of The First President of RoK which served as the initial residence of the President in Astana. He used the place as his workplace within 7 years (1997-2004). The building witnessed most important high-level meetings and decisions. President’s office, meeting room and conference halls are kept in their initial shape.
    The lead character of President Nazarbayev is convincingly played by Murat Akhmanov. The other cast involved Yerkebulan Dayirov, Zhan Baizhanbayev, Azamat satybaldy and others. The acclaimed British makeup artist, Academy Award nominee Mark Collier, known for creating the image of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill, also joined the film’s crew.

    The principal photography used advisory from the President’s Office, President’s Protocol Service and President’s Security.

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